Community Advice & Information

The SSA charity offers assistance to women in the fields of education, entrepreneurship, and entering the taxi industry. We provide guidance on personal education for individuals and their children, and foster connections between the community and parents. Additionally, we offer assistance to single mothers in various areas such as housing, education for their children, tax-related matters, passport application, and support in entrepreneurial endeavours such as establishing a retail store or starting their own company.

Youth Training

Southmead Somali Association charitable organisation provided counseling services to young individuals facing training, career choice and further their education, alongside coordinating youth advice and expert engagements. Throughout the past three years, we have had the gratifying experience of contributing to the establishment of a flourishing and robust Southmead community of young individuals who regularly participate in our gatherings.

Employment and Training Support

The Employment project offers a customer focused service that treats people as individuals and offers a personalised approach to meet each individual’s needs.


Our Services here

We work with the local community in Southmead area of Bristol.

Extra Information about our services

Our primary services are the help of all community in the Southmead area of Bristol, especially the minorities.


SSA Charity Services

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