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Our Approach

The concept of community capacity building encompasses various forms, including social and behavioural change, learning centres, and consultants, all aimed at enhancing capacity. In order to ensure success, it is crucial to cooperate with local authorities, non-governmental organisations, professionals, and the Bristol community.

Our Story

Let us begin our conversation by discussing the Southmead Somali Association charity, which marks the inception of every community. Individuals have expressed a desire to learn about the opportunity we present or our dedication to spearheading the development of something innovative in Bristol. The community centre in Southmead plays a crucial role in serving the needs of the local minority population.

Meet the Team

The people who wish to partner with our association need to know the management teams and its customer service.


F. Hanfi

Trustee Member

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M. Dalal



A. Jaylani

Trustee Member

Next Steps...

The centre is run weekly by a management committee of a centre manager  + 2 administrators and one cleaner.